2006 Demo

by Off Balance

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released April 20, 2006



all rights reserved


Off Balance Indianapolis, Indiana

Madball, Cro-Mags, Blood For Blood, Born Low, Breakdown, Bulldoze, Cold As Life, Cold World, Bitter End, Death Threat, First Blood, Guns Up!, Hoods, Integrity, Judge, Killing Time, Merauder, Mushmouth, Negative Approach, Neglect, No Redeeming Social Value, One Life Crew, Rival Mob, Sheer Terror, Sick Of It All, Skarhead, Slapshot, Stout, Trapped Under Ice, Warzone, Wisdom In Chains, 86 Mentality ... more

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Track Name: Divided I Stand
Ridiculed, patronized, pushed away, cast aside / All alone, by myself, always on the outside / Looking in, dont fit in, thats the way its always been / And the way it will be - Everyones an enemy / In this world full of lies, everyone betrays / And honesty is met with deceiving ways / Hollow gestures and false concern / If you open up, then youre gonna get burned / Been cheated, mistreated, broken man, defeated / No one wanted or needed any part of me / Been busted, disgusted Betrayed by those I trusted / Nothing but a hole where my heart used to be / This negative out look, I really cant control / All I see is smut as the truth unfolds / It shatters the illusion and opens my eyes / And I dont want to, but I despise / Everything I see and even myself / Im in a sick state of mental health / Life knocked me down, now sorrow obsessed / Thats why my tolerance gave it a rest / BREAK!
Track Name: At Odds
From day one, the very beginning / I knew I never had no chance at winning / All the way back to my childhood / That was when I was told I was no good / Always put down for not doing things "right" / All that pain and misery gave me the might / And the strength to push through all the abuse / With vengeance I'll hang this world by a noose / Bitter thoughts inside my head / My faith in people is all but dead / For me to trust is so damn hard / Always someone out to get me / Overcome by anxiety / I just can't seem to let down my guard / Against the grain I always seem to fall / When confronted with people who's minds are small / It's not a choice but a fact of my being / That my perspective no one else is seeing / Like a fish out of water always out of place / I see a mask of lies in every human face / There's no escape and one thing I know / I'm at odds wherever I go / It will be with me until I die / My natural instinct to defy / Subversive to the status quo / Born to be authority's foe / I'll never succumb to the powers that be / I'm always gonna be the adversary
Track Name: Never Ending Dread
My whole existence is crumbling down / I can’t seem to wear anything but a frown / A nervous breakdown, I’m about to go berserk / I try to keep it in, but it doesn’t seem to work / I am the master of my own self-destruction / Planted in me is the seed of dysfunction / This instability and overwhelming fear/ erupts into anger as I drink through my tears / I must suppress it, keep it inside / From my inner conflict, I try and hide / My daily grim existence / Will it ever cease? / These scars from with, will they ever be released? / This war inside my head, will it ever end? / My grip on reality always seems to bend / These sick fucking head games are tearing me apart / I just can’t seem to calm this dissension in my heart / Don’t know what to do, don’t know what to think / My only way to cope is to find some booze and drink / Vice after vice like a gun at my head / Filling a void with destruction and dread / NEVER ENDING DREAD – day after day / I must tread on and face what comes my way / The face of adversity is laughing at me / tormenting my fortune, bringing me to my knees / Hard I must fight / With hate I stand strong / Bow to no one and right all my wrongs / Out of spite of my enemies to never relent / Overcome the odds / Steamroll the opposition / I don’t know how long I can keep trying / Day after day I come closer to dying / Can’t let it get to me, I must look ahead / Won’t let these defeats put my world in a dread
Track Name: Assume The Worst
From the chains of catastrophe, the hands have broken free / Ready to unleash their fury on me / Losing round after round in this depression bout / At the end of the tunnel, I still don’t see a way out / Exit this life of rejection / Cursed and unstable with this rejection / That the world has handed down / I don’t run concurrent with what’s going on around / I’ve hit a new ALL TIME LOW / I’ve got no direction, nowhere to go / My life has no meaning, I never feel right / Always feel empty LIVING IN SPITE / Everything good ends up in a hearse / That’s why I assume the worst / A textbook failure at everything I try to do / A basketcase, fucked up again / What else is new? / Nothing changes / Everything just stays the same / This life we’re ;iving is a cutthroat game / That I don’t wanna play / Or even come out on top / Just want all this confusion and heartache to stop / The meds help a little / But it’s still hard to cope / The only end I see is hanging from a rope / Cruel nature of humanity makes life a living hell / My body’s free / But my soul’s in a prison cell

Track Name: Yesterday's Wine
All hope is abandoned / All faith is forgotten / I've confined myself to this psychological cage / For all the good times and oppurtunities I've missed / It Hurts to know I can't turn back the page / Always looking back I seem to dwell / No time for dreams in this wishing well / The past haunts the future like a living joke / Hopeless aspirations blown up in smoke / Despair clouds my mind like a thunderstorm/ It’s raining, it’s freezing and I can’t get warm / Compassion sold out and love is no longer / Harsh cold betrayal can only make me stronger / I sometimes feel I live my life in vain / Every dream I've had has only brought me pain / It seems that everything I've loved, I've lost / I've burned almost every bridge I've ever crossed / But I can't turn back the hand of time / So I'll strike the match and raise a toast to Yesterday's Wine / Aging with time / The bright new day is looking old and dark / Regardless of it all I'm gonna leave my mark / I'm born to lose, my every hope is almost gone / It's so hard to face an empty dawn / Sometimes when the night calls it a day / I wake up down in a lost kind of way / In a house built on sorrow I am caught / I remember things better left forgot
Track Name: Ready To Snap
Since a very young age, I remember the dread / The sense of disaster that leads straight to my head / The unknowing collapse that will surely arrive / Just when things are going great and I start to feel alive / A false sense of security begins to set in / That positivity that always wears thin / Just when Im about to feel happy and content / I find my last bit of luck has been spent / My fate is crushed hard like a crash in the street / To my pessimistic ways I am forced to retreat / To hate and never trust is a way to react / Im Losing touch with my sanity / Im Ready to snap / Im losing control / Mental trauma consumes me whole / The last of my marbles are falling to the trap / Dont know if its coming / but Im Ready to snap / Desperation Ive cried / Loneliness inside / And I just drank a bottle of Jack / So youd better watch your step because / Im ready to snap / The arrogant depraved that inhabit the Earth / Their weak pathetic ways are no value or worth / Pure disgust and hate in the deepest sense / Is what I feel for these pawns and their ignorance / Id like to put them all six feet in the dirt / An act of retribution for all of the hurt/ That they’ve inflicted and the pain that they’ve instilled / In my dream world they would all be killed / To suffer is to exist and that is a fact / I cant deal with this reality / Im Ready to snap