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released April 20, 2010



all rights reserved


Off Balance Indianapolis, Indiana

Madball, Cro-Mags, Blood For Blood, Born Low, Breakdown, Bulldoze, Cold As Life, Cold World, Bitter End, Death Threat, First Blood, Guns Up!, Hoods, Integrity, Judge, Killing Time, Merauder, Mushmouth, Negative Approach, Neglect, No Redeeming Social Value, One Life Crew, Rival Mob, Sheer Terror, Sick Of It All, Skarhead, Slapshot, Stout, Trapped Under Ice, Warzone, Wisdom In Chains, 86 Mentality ... more

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Track Name: Every Action in Jest
Got the shakes and the jitters, my vision’s blurred
My walk is crooked and my speech is slurred
Scatterbrained confusion, I can’t even think
Paranoia fills my mind, I just need another drink
All out of pills, withdrawal kicks in
This entire existence, drenched in sin
None of this bullshit makes any sense
Living in vain, the consequence
Didn’t get no sleep, just twisting and turning
Freezing on the outside, yet my soul is burning

These actions of animal impulse
Take on the world, see it engulfed
By all my rage, every action in jest
This living time bomb ticks inside my chest

Don’t even know if it’s night or day
Hate everything I see in every single way
All humans plot against me, think I’m blind to their plan
Nothing but deception in every single man
Venomous disdain for the happy and content
Antagonized by laughs and smiles, it just won’t relent

A trail of destruction
I’m on the warpath
My river of tears
Becomes a brutal bloodbath

My suicide, my suicide, my suicide, your homicide

You did this to me, bitch
So now I’ll put you in a ditch (x4)