HC Famalia Comp.

by Off Balance

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released April 20, 2007



all rights reserved


Off Balance Indianapolis, Indiana

Madball, Cro-Mags, Blood For Blood, Born Low, Breakdown, Bulldoze, Cold As Life, Cold World, Bitter End, Death Threat, First Blood, Guns Up!, Hoods, Integrity, Judge, Killing Time, Merauder, Mushmouth, Negative Approach, Neglect, No Redeeming Social Value, One Life Crew, Rival Mob, Sheer Terror, Sick Of It All, Skarhead, Slapshot, Stout, Trapped Under Ice, Warzone, Wisdom In Chains, 86 Mentality ... more

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Track Name: Cursed With Awareness
Wherever I go, wherever I may be / These voices in my head will never leave me / To be alone I detest, yet company I despise / Manipulative evil in everyone's eyes / When I turn my back, I'm the object of ridicule / BATTER THOSE OPPOSED, before I'm played for the fool / Focus on what's wrong, hysteria takes ahold / Latches onto my psyche and takes control / I've searched for salvation, but I think I might quit / Disenchanted with what I've found, I can't deal with it / Paranoia comes and goes, coupled with anxiety / Thoughts race out of control - can't handle sobriety / So I'll drown myself in booze and a smoke-filled haze / Comprehend purpose and all my past days / Regret clouds my mind like a cancer / All I see is red when I'm searching for answers / Negativity corrodes, steadfast faith erodes / Crippling my spirit, leaving me for a loss / Panic attack, consumed by flack / My life is destitute, my mind is distraught / Boiling with dissent, contempt for my surroundings / Gasping for air, I feel like I'm drowning / Searching for the light, the truth and the way / In tomorrow, I've lost hope for today / WRECK IT! / CURSED WITH AWARENESS - this sentence of life / CURSED WITH AWARENESS - agony and strife / CURSED WITH AWARENESS - tear through their mask of sanity / CURSED WITH AWARENESS - out of touch with humanity / Struggle not to revert to the self that I hated / Delusions broken down, incapacitated / Testing and trying, my patience wears thin / If I fall I'll get back up and fight til the end / Destroy the inner demons that stole my self-worth / Now I'm STRONGER THAN BEFORE, undaunted I push forth